Our Company

Spiro-Human Ltd. was established in 2011 with the purpose of supporting and encouraging cultural and business relations between South Korea and Europe.
Our main objective is supporting Korean investors in Hungary and smoothing communication between European and Korean enterprises and organizations. Furthermore, we are interested in trade and distribution of innovative products from the far east. We distribute products mainly in Hungary and Austria.
Thanks to our connections and experiences, we are able to co-operate with our clients in several fields:

We can provide you efficient support if …

…You need Korean interpreting and/or translation
…You are looking for Korean business partners
…You would like to import and distribute products from South Korea
…You would like to export a product to South Korea
…You would like to have a Korean website, catalogue
…You are looking for a teacher of Korean
…If you are looking for a Korean speaker colleague, but for another position
…If you are in need of labor mediation or labor hire
… If you need help regarding legal or accounting issues
…If you would like to learn about and apply the „tricks”
of multinational companies at your own company

Furthermore, we provide consulting services regarding the above mentioned items and any other subject regarding Korea. In addition to Hungarian language, it is available in Japanese, Chinese, English and German!

( If you would like to read about our services in detail, please click on the „Our services” tag on the main page!)

Our business philosophy

Since we, the founders of Spiro-Human Ltd. have very close bonds with Korean culture and Korean language – thanks for the support of Korean Government during our academic education-, we were also motivated by the feeling of gratitude when we decided to encourage and support communication between South Korea and Europe both in cultural and commercial dimensions.

Our business philosophy is frimly based on the Japanese ideology of KAIZEN. Therefor we always collect feedbacks from our costumers and we pursue continuous improvement of the quality and the scale of our services.

We are looking forward to greeting you as one of our customers in the future.

Best regards,
László Pataki
Managing Director